How to make your PC or Laptop Faster for Gaming

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Is your laptop or Pc too slow for gaming? Are you unable to run even the most basic games? If you want to make your computer faster or maybe your pc, then you have come to the right place. This max FPS Performance settings guide will help you increase your system performance and give you smoother gaming experience making your laptop faster.

You might be wondering “why is my computer so slow?” and “how much would it hurt if I punched my monitor? LOL

The answer to the second question: a lot.

The answer to the first question is a bit more complicated. There are many factors that slow your pc down.

Before you bite the bullet and buy on a new PC, try these simple tips to speed up your computer that too for free.

Make your pc or laptop faster for gaming

Tip 1: Update drivers

Update all the drivers and software’s especially graphics card, CPU, motherboard. Also, make sure that you update direct x to the latest version. Use Driver Booster for updating all other drivers.

Updating graphics card drivers is a must for gaming.

If its NVIDIA, Visit this site and download Geforce Experience

if its AMD, Visit this site and download Radeon™ Graphics Drivers

for intel, Visit this site and download Intel Graphics drivers.

Tip 2: Use boost mode and game booster

Apps such as driver booster can drastically improve gaming performance. It also has a game mode that is excellent for low-end systems. Have a boost mode that can help increase gaming performance and get the best out of your system.

You can read my post about how to configure game boost on driver booster. 

laptop faster with game booster

These apps will close all the unnecessary windows services and give you the resources you require for gaming.

These apps can significantly save and processing the power of your system.

laptop faster with game booster

Tip 3: Increase virtual memory

Increase virtual memory to twice the ram you have so that you get plenty of memory. This memory is used when the system runs out of ram, so the more you have, the better.

This setting is hidden inside system settings.

Go to control panel>System and security

laptop faster with game booster

System>advanced system settings>


Performance settings>


Virtual memory.

Set it as double your actual ram. Mine is 8GB Ram, so I used 16000mb(16gb)

See the images above for reference.

Tip 4: High-performance mode to make laptop faster

Set battery mode to high performance on the laptop. High performance ensures that the battery is used optimally for performance.

The battery is generally in a balanced mode. When you put the system in the high-performance mode, you can get a lot of performance boost from the system.

This is absolutely essential for gaming.

laptop faster with game booster

Also, enable the hidden power settings:

Power Management (Windows 10)

  • Settings >System > Power & sleep > Additional Power Settings
  • Choose customise a power plan option, open the option which says “Unhide Additional plans.
  • If you do not see Ultimate Performance Mode, then do the following

  • Open a command prompt “cmd.exe” as Administrator
  • In the command prompt, copy the below command and hit enter

powercfg -duplicatescheme e9a42b02-d5df-448d-aa00-03f14749eb61

With this, you will surely get a performance boost. Do note laptop users your battery will drain faster.

Tip 5: Clean Your Laptop & PC to Boost Air Flow

Cleaning your system can significantly increase your PC performance. The reason why this works is that with a clean system we get better airflow and cooling. The system can perform without any restrictions and get proper cooling from fans.

This make your gaming experience smooth and cool. There are many ways you can clean a system. Many professional gamers recommend servicing your gaming system once in every six months.

TIP 6: Switch to SSD for Games

Change your main windows drive with an SSD. This will ensure your system boots faster and gets the performance boost you need for gaming. This is especially useful for laptops.

When you install games on an SSD Drive they run much faster since the read and write times are very high for SSD.

Nowadays SSDs have become very cheap so you can always get a good deal on amazon and other related sites.

Tip 7: Set Windows settings for MAX Performance

Set windows appearance settings for max performance. By default, it is set for maximum appearance. When you switch it to performance, then the appearance and graphics will look a little crappy, but the performance will get a considerable boost.

Do this before starting the game. To get the best performance.

Go to control panel>

settings for max performance laptop faster

System and security>

system>advanced system settings>

settings for max performance laptop faster

performance settings>advanced>visual effects>

adjust for best performance

settings for max performance laptop faster


Tip 8: Turn off unnecessary services and widgets

Go to Windows 10 settings and turn off all background apps.

Disable unnecessary features of windows that you don’t use like Cortana maps location and other background services. There are many apps like CCleaner and i0bit uninstaller, which can help you uninstall stock windows apps.

You can remove apps like maps, mail apps, etc. to get some extra space and performance for your system.

settings for max performance laptop faster


Tip 9: Use cleaning apps

Use CCleaner to fully erase all temporary junk files and clean your c drive for max performance. Uninstall all the bloatware from your system.

system performance

If possible use an SSD for your windows drive. SSD is much faster and can help improve your gaming performance. Get a 128gb SSD or 250gb SSD. They are much cheaper than the other versions.


Tip 10: Use an antivirus to clean your system.

Check for viruses and malware they kill performance regularly clean your system with antivirus.

Virus, Malware, and crypto miners are the main reason for systems being slow. Make sure you scan your system with a good antivirus and remove all the viruses.

Note: Disable the antivirus during gaming to gain some extra performance

settings for max performance pc faster

Tip 11: Defragment your hard drive

Defragment your hard drive regularly. Also, clean your laptop and desktop properly so that dust doesn’t accumulate on fans and the board slows down the system.

Fans need to provide proper cooling in order for your system to be cool and efficient in running. You need to clean and maintain it properly.

Tip 12: Uninstall apps

Uninstall apps and services you no longer use. Make some space for games. Lower the pc load by taking out all the crapware from your system. The lesser apps you have, the better the performance for gaming. This can give you maximum performance for gaming.

It will save you space as well as processing power, which can be used efficiently for games instead.

settings for max performance

Tip 13:Install DirectX and make your pc faster

Installing DirectX can significantly boost your laptop performance. These are key drivers required for game optimization. By making sure your laptop or PC is having the latest version of Direct X you can make your pc or laptop faster for gaming.

Use the command: dxdiag


DirectX is free software and is available from the windows website.

Here is the link to download DirectX.

install directx boost performance for gaming

Tip 14: Update windows to make pc faster

Believe it or not, updating windows can really boost performance. Sometimes windows do give useful updates, especially driver-based updates, which can really help your system become faster and smoother.

I won`t sugarcoat the fact that windows sometimes give terrible updates which make you doubt buying a windows PC. But some of their updates are really good. So, be updated.

settings for max performance

Tip 15: Upgrade ram and graphics and hard drive

If you can afford to make some improvements by shelling out a couple of bucks, then that is the most effective way to make an upgrade.

Switch to an SSD for high-speed performance. The prices have dropped tremendously and can help you get the extra speed you need for gaming.

Faster gaming rams can help boost your performance provided your motherboard supports them. You need at least 8GB of ram for gaming.

Graphics card is the most crucial factor when it comes to game performance. There is no denying this fact. Do some research on which graphics is best for your PC and upgrade it. The latest Nvidia RTX as well and Navi Graphics cards are a sight to behold and experience in games.

Tip 16: Disable start-up services to make laptop faster

Go to the task manager and disable the AutoStart up of all the apps using task manager and privacy settings. This will save precious RAM memory. And increase startup speed.

 settings for max performance


There are many apps and background services that run in the background and keep eating precious memory and processing power. Remove all of them for a significant boost.

Do not disable graphics drivers or essential startup services which you need.

Tip 17: Overclock your system performance

Overclock CPU and graphics card if it’s possible. This will significantly improve performance. Do note that overclocking has more risks if you do not know what you are doing. Also, not every system and graphic card is overclockable.

Not to mention that overclocking can decrease product life as well. So do this as a last resort when you have nothing to lose.

Tip 18: Stop all unnecessary windows services 

Windows, as you all know, has way too many services that take your performance as well as your privacy away. They take an extra ram and add overhead for your processor. Not something you want for your gaming needs.

So use shutupwindows 10 app for disabling all unnecessary features automatically. This can make your pc or laptop faster at the price of some unnecessary functions.

Download the software:

windows 10 services stop

And run as admin. It has no installation. Just download and install:

Click on actions:

windows services

And select apply all settings for the max performance boost. Or Recommended settings for a medium performance boost.

With the max boost, you will get the following. All green settings:

stop windows services settings for max performance

Now reboot the system and enjoy maximum performance.

TIP 19: Online Gaming Needs Fast Internet

When you are playing online games you need to make sure you have very fast internet with a low ping. This will ensure that you do not lag while playing online games. Afterall Lag is the number 1 enemy of gamers.


max speed internet speed test

Make sure you have fast internet. Lan is always better than wifi. Fiber is currently the best for high-speed internet connections.

Must read: How to make your internet faster


Tip 20: Manual Tuning each Game for max performance

Finally, if you’re playing games, then manually fine-tune the game settings to get the max performance for your pc without compromising graphics. Features such as anti-aliasing and texture filtering take a lot of resources, disable them to get maximum performance.

Take some time and test out all the various graphics settings. You will know which you need and which settings you do not require. Check out our Game Optimization guides

I hope you guys liked this article. Thanks for reading do share the articles with fellow gamers and people with slow systems so that they can use these settings for max performance.

See you in-game.


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