Best performance and graphics settings for monster hunter world

Monster Hunter World is one of the most graphics immersive games of the decade. The sheer creativity and graphics of the monsters was the prime reason for the success of the game. That being said, the game lags a lot on systems that do not have a very high-end graphics card. So what can we do to get the boost FPS without dropping the gameplay experience?

Here are the best performance and graphics settings for the Monster Hunter World.

For monster Munter World, you can only change the graphics settings for the best performance. If you have bought the game from Steam then you can also change the steam launch options.

Graphics settings for Monster Hunter World

Open the display options as shown in the image below. Here you can manage the general graphics settings

monster hunter world graphics settings

Screen mode: Fullscreen

Fullscreen is the best choice for the monster hunter world. You will get the best gameplay experience especially if you have a large screen.

Resolution settings: Max

Higher resolution gives the best gameplay and graphics experience. It also has a high cost in terms of FPS. So the best recommendation would be your max resolution. We will be saving resources in other sections.

Frame rate: No limit

No limit for FPS is the best setting if you have a system. However, if you have a laptop then set it to the same value as your monitor refresh rate.

Higher fps cause heating issues with some laptops.

Vsync: Off

Vsync should be off on all systems focused on FPS. It tends to drop fps and cause lag in many of the games.

Aspect Ratio: Default

The default is the best. Regular monitors have a 16:9 aspect ratio. Widescreen monitors generally have a 21:9 ratio.

Advanced Graphics settings

Here awe will manually adjust each and every graphics setting of the monster hunter world for the maximum performance.

boost fps

Image Quality: Medium Or High

This setting has the highest impact on gameplay and FPS. I recommend medium or high to get the best gameplay experience in the game. Without this set to at least medium game looks quite bad. So I recommend Medium or High.

Texture Quality: Full or 1024

This is the most important setting of the game. It depends on VRAM actually. 4GB and above should choose Full. Everyone should choose 1024 as the texture quality.

Full will ensure that you get the best gameplay experience and amazing fights with monsters.

Ambient Occlusion: Off

Useless and unnecessary effects in the game. Turn it off to save FPS.

Volume rendering quality: Off

Better turn this off. It gives a volumetric fog effect which has no real gameplay advantage. Actually you can see further with this setting off. Turn it off for FPS Boost

Shadow quality: Low

Low is the best graphics setting for monster hunter world. The game actually looks much better. Shadows are still quite good at low settings. This will give you a good FPS boost while playing the game.

Anti-aliasing: Off

This setting should be off to disable the extra filtering effects. It does not impact the game visuals that much. Turning this off gives a very good FPS Boost.

LOD Bias: Low

This setting sets how close you have to be for objects to switch to their detailed models in the game. A lower setting will give you the best FPS.

Max LOD Level: -1

This setting gives models a more detailed and natural look. Objects such as rocks and leaves. -1 is the best setting to save FPS.

Foliage Sway: Off

The sway of grass effect. You won’t notice it frankly speaking. Makes little difference turn it off to save in-game performance.

boost fps

Screen space reflection: Off

Turn it off. It gives a reflection effect that we never notice. So best to turn it off for FPS.

Anisotropic filtering: Low

Low is the best setting performance-wise. You don’t notice much filtering quality difference unless you set it to max settings. It’s better to use texture settings to the max rather than this.

Water Reflection: Off

Not important to the gameplay. It takes a lot of graphics resources so best to disable.

SH Diffuse Quality: Low

It has minor impacts on graphics. But you can turn it off to get some extra FPS in-game.

Dynamic Range: 64bit

The best color effects and the game looks pretty on a big screen. Not much FPS impact.

Motion Blur: off

Turn it off. Save FPS and why do you want to blur things.

DOF Depth of field: off

Unnecessary depth of field effects that are hardly noticeable turn it off for best performance.

Vignette effects: Off

Unnecessary effects turn it off. Boost FPS

Z-prepass: Off

Turn it on if you have a GPU with 4GB or higher VRAM. Turn if off to save graphics resources and boost performance.

Steam Launch Options for Monster Hunter World

How to set steam launch options for Monster Hunter World:

  • Open Steam
  • Go to the Library tab
  • Right-click on Monster Hunter World
  • Select Properties and then General tab
  • Click “Set Launch Options

Now type the following in the steam launch options dialogue box as shown in the image:


I hope this guide on the best graphics settings for Monster Hunter World has been informative for you. And I thank you for reading. If you know more ways to boost FPS. Do let me know in the comments below. You can also optimize Windows 10 for gaming so that you get better FPS for all games.

See you in-game

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