How to Use Redeem Codes In Call of Duty Mobile – (Free codes available)

Every Call of duty Mobile Player wants to get free skins and characters in-game. But many players do not know how to use Redeem codes in COD Mobile. Well not anymore. With this guide, you will be able to use redeem codes in call of duty Mobile and get free in-game items easily.

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How To Redeem free Codes in Call of duty Mobile?

It’s actually quite easy to do and can be done in 3 easy steps. So let’s begin:

Step 1: Open Call of duty Mobile game. Once you have opened the game click on the events option as shown in the image below. The red marked area is the one where you will find the redeem code option in the call of duty mobile.

redemption center option location in codm
redeem code option location in call of duty mobile

Step 2: Now keep sliding to the left till you reach the redemption center as shown in the image. The redeem code option is the last option to the extreme right.

Redeem code call of duty mobile
Redemption center in call of duty mobile

Step 3: Now click and open the redemption center. You will see the following.

how to use redeem codes in call of duty mobile
how to use redeem codes in call of duty mobile

Now click on Redeem and you will get an empty box to put the redeem code as shown below.

For example, here I am trying the Redeem Code ‘VCLZBZ4RRMP‘.

redeem codes call of duty mobile
redeem codes call of duty mobile

Click on “redeem” to redeem the item.


Its that simple. Now open Call of duty mobile and check your email in-game. It can take up to 30 minutes for the reward to arrive. You will get free in-game items that were redeemed by the code you just used.

Note: Most permanent skin codes and character codes are limited uses only. Skins are rare. So make sure you check this page frequently for the latest codes to redeem in call of duty mobile.

I hope this guide helped you redeem your codes in call of duty mobile game. If you have some more codes that you would like to share then comment them below. We would be happy to add them to the list. Happy gaming.

See you in-game

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