Garena Free Fire Best Graphics settings

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Are you tired of playing Garena Free Fire with lag? Well, fear not. Here are some amazing tips and tricks to help you fix the lag you get while playing free fire. Now you can use these graphics settings to solve your lag issue and get plenty of kills in the game.

This is only the graphics settings guide. If you want more help in fixing lag that goes beyond graphics settings, then read the complete guide to fix lag in Garena free fire.

Best Graphics Settings for Garena Free Fire

garena free fire graphics settings to fix lag

  • Graphics: Smooth or standard

For very low-end devices, you should use smooth. Everyone should use standard. Smooth is best for those whose games are lagging, and they want to take advantage of High FPS.

Note: When you choose smooth, the rest of the options are disabled.

  • Brightness: Classic

Classic is the best option. The higher brightness may look good, but it will harm your eyes as well as drain your device battery. Unless you have a 5000mah or higher battery, do not even think about it.

  • High FPS: High

Higher the FPS smoother the gameplay. If your device can support it go with the highest settings. You will find it much easier to aim and kill enemies during firefights.

Also, you get much less lag when you have a high FPS. The only problem is the battery drain. If you can deal with it, go for High settings

  • Shadow: Off

There is no advantage of shadows while playing Garena free fire. There really isn’t any. So turn it off. Save battery and get some extra FPS.

I hope this guide has been informative for you and I thank you for reading. I know this guide is short but if you are still facing a lag issue, read the complete guide to fix lag in Free Fire. I am sure it will help. If you have any more suggestions about the best graphics settings for the free fire mobile game, then let me know in the comment section below.

See you in-game

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