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Top 10 Golf Games PC and Consoles

Golf is one of the most played games ever made. But many people are unable to enjoy it since they have busy schedules. Well with golf simulation games now you can. We can now play Golf from the comfort of your home with these golf simulation games. If you are a golf lover who wants to play golf games from the comfort of your home then these games are for you

Top 10 Gaming Routers for Professional Esports Gamers

There are many routers available in the market that claim that they have the best speed; some are cheap, some are expensive but very few gaming routers can handle the requirements of a Professional Gamer. Professional Gamers and those who want to enjoy lag-free gaming require high-performance gaming routers that do not face lag issues. So to help those professional gamers find the right gaming routers we have decided to make the list of the top 10 best gaming routers for professional gamers

Top 15 Pirate Games of All Time

Everyone has dreamt of being a pirate especially after being inspired by movies such as Pirates of the Caribbean and anime such as One piece. For thousands of years, Pirates were the rulers of the seas. They own and destroy ships and cities. They were the human being of which everyone afraid. Well, thanks to games you can now experience the life of a pirate from the comfort of your home.