Rainbow siege six settings for Max FPS and performance

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Many people playing Rainbow Siege Six have been troubled by low FPS while playing games. This guide is made, especially for those people who want the best FPS for a Rainbow six siege by adjusting the settings. These graphics settings and FPS Boost can determine how easily you spot enemies and get easy kills. By popular demand presenting you FPS guide for Tom Clancy Rainbow Siege Six

The display and graphics settings of Rainbow Six Siege can be optimised to increase your FPS and improve your gameplay so that you can spot players and get easy kills.

In-game settings of rainbow six siege

Launch Rainbow Six Siege game from steam, select Options on the top right as shown in the image below. I will guide you on how to optimise each option in the game for maximum performance.

Open the Display tab

Rainbow Six siege fps settings

Monitor: Default

Select the monitor you are going to use. You do not need to change this unless you are using multiple monitors.

Resolution: use your default.

Using your default resolution is desirable for a better view and gaming experience in Rainbow Six. Decreasing the game resolution is the last option if you badly need a performance boost.

Display Mode: Full Screen.

Full Screen is the best option for performance and gaming experience.

Refresh Rate: same as monitor refresh rate (60, 120, 144Hz, etc.)

You should always keep it the same as your monitor display. It’s better for your eyes as well as for your gaming experience. Frankly go with the highest refresh rate. Higher the better.

Aspect Ratio: native one or select Auto.

The resolution should generally be 16:9 for standard monitors. And 21:9 for ultrawide monitors.

VSync: Off.

Always off. This setting limits your FPS so you should turn it off to avoid that.

Widescreen Letterbox: Off.

Field of View: 60/75/90.

This is a personal gaming preference, but almost all the pro players prefer to maximise the FoV in Rainbow Six Siege. If you want a performance boost than lower is better. I recommend 75 for an equivalent experience for low-end systems.

  • Click Apply to save the changes in the display tab.

Rainbow Seige six settings in the Graphics Tab

Rainbow six siege

Overall Quality: Custom.

We will review each option individually so let’s start boosting our FPS

Texture Quality: Set as High.

The texture quality has almost no impact on the fps in the game, but it eats a lot of VRAM as you can see in the image below. The amount of VRAM should not go over the limit. You should increase the Graphics till that limit.

fps settings

If your graphics card has at least 3-4GB VRAM, set the texture quality as High. The game will look better, and you will be able to spot enemies faster and get easy kills.

Texture Filtering: Linear.

It has almost no impact on graphics quality, so turn it to low. You need the extra FPS in rainbow siege six.

LOD Quality: Low or Medium.

It controls the distance at which the objects decrease their detail level in the game. I suggest using Medium/High over Low since you can get an advantage during matches since you can spot enemies better. However, if your game is lagging, then low is the better choice.

Shading Quality: Low.

Only small visual changes so setting this too low will give you good FPS boost in rainbow siege six

Shadow Quality: Low.

Putting this option at Low deletes the shadows from the game. It is the primary setting that has a high impact on FPS.

Turning off the shadows in rainbow six siege has both pros and cons so use this as per your preference:


  • It is easier to spot enemies hiding in the dark areas of the map.
  • You get a good FPS boost


  • The shadows of the enemies are disabled as well, so you miss the shadow while they are trying to peak or hide. The extra info in the form of the shadow is useful to detect your enemies during the match.

Reflection Quality: Low.

Only small visual changes in quality. Better to keep it low.

Ambient Occlusion: Off.

Turn it off and get a boost of FPS

Lens Effect: Off.

Best to turn it off. It can help in spotting players.

Zoom-In Depth of Field: Off.

Turn this off. It helps you get extra FPS.

Anti-Aliasing: Turn it Off.

Turning off the anti-aliasing setting is the best option if you want to improve your in-game fps.

There is a quality difference between FXAA and T-AA, so if you really want to enable it, I suggest using T-AA.

Render Scaling: 100.

Keep it at 100. If you are getting less than 30 fps, then change it to 90, only as a last option. Anything less than 100 will impact the quality significantly.

T-AA Sharpness: 0.

Keep it at 0 for the best gaming experience.

Click Apply to save the changes.

Now that all the settings are set. Run the benchmark to check your FPS in-game.

Let me show you my results in the game benchmark.

fps settings

I hope you liked the FPS guide on Rainbow Six Siege. This should help you fix the low fps in rainbow 6. If you have any suggestions do let us know in the comment section below. See you in-game. If you still did not get a good FPS, then read this guide on improving system performance.

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