Best Performance and graphics settings for Black Desert Mobile

Black Desert Mobile is a very popular MMORPG that has over 5 million downloads and rising each day. Many players wanted me to make a guide on Optimizing Black Desert Mobile Graphics settings for best performance and lag-free gameplay. So here it is by popular demand.

lag-free gameplay

To be frank there are not many things you can do to optimize the game. That is kind of the main issue with mobile games. So you can optimize your android device for gaming to get some more performance boost. If you are using LD Player then you can also optimize LD player for gaming.

So without further ado let’s begin:

Black Desert Performance Graphics settings :

black desert mobile graphics settings

Effects: Low

Set the effects to low. You can get an amazing display with effects settings set to the max. But your game will lag. So set it to low. You will get better performance in the black desert mobile.

Resolution: Average

Average and High are the best options. These settings directly impact the graphics settings and determine your gameplay experience. Choose according to your device specs. Low-end devices should choose average.

Texture: Average

Average or high are the recommended settings. Does cause an FPS drop if your device is too low end. Set it to low if your game lags.

Frame Limit: 30 FPS

30 is the max and best option. You need lag-free gameplay which can only be achieved by a constant and stable high FPS.

Effects Settings: 

black desert mobile graphics settings guide

Shine: Off

Disable this if you really want to save FPS. It makes the game look a little colorless. Disable only as the last option.

Screen Optimization: On

Turn it on. It helps improve gameplay and performance.

Shake: 0

Disabling shake setting will give you a gameplay advantage. Anyways why would you want extra effects when your phone cannot handle it?

Blur: 0

It’s a given that blur does not help you in any way. So better turn it off. You need the extra Fps for better gameplay experience.

That’s all you can change in mobile settings. With the combination of Optimized mobile settings for gaming and Optimized graphics settings for black desert mobile. You will be able to enjoy lag-free gameplay.

I hope this guide helped you in playing black desert mobile online without lag. If you have any more suggestions or tricks do let me know in the comment section below.

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